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Thread: Extjs Locked Grid Mouse wheel scrolling issue

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    Default Extjs Locked Grid Mouse wheel scrolling issue

    Can anyone help why mouse wheel scrolling very slow in both Firefox and Chrome.
    In Internet Explorer its working fine

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    I've the same problem... can see the difference putting the mouse over between the locked and unlocked columns.

    Someone know the solution?

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    At the 4.1.0 doesn't happen, but after 4.1.1 can simulates the problem... I tried to debug, but I hadn't found any function that uses to scroll...

    4.1.1 - This version can simulates the problem

    4.1.0 - This version haven't the problem

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    Fixed the problem, I've override two functions at Ext.grid.locking.Lockable follow the code(I saw that the problem happens when one grid will sync with other get in loop):

     * Override for {@link Ext.grid.locking.Lockable}. Fixes the mousewheel problem.
    Ext.define('Gvdasa.overrides.grid.locking.Lockable', {
        override: 'Ext.grid.locking.Lockable',
        onNormalViewScroll: function () {
            var me = this,
                lockedView = me.lockedGrid.getView();
            delete lockedView.scrolledByNormal; // remove always the flag when started the scroll by unlocked grid.
        onLockedViewScroll: function () {
            var me = this,
                lockedView = me.lockedGrid.getView();
            if (!lockedView.scrolledByNormal) { // just the unlocked view will remove this flag.
                lockedView.scrolledByNormal = true;
                return false;

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