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Thread: Cmd 6.5 - no source code transpiling in development and testing environments?

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    Default Cmd 6.5 - no source code transpiling in development and testing environments?

    Hi all,
    In dev and test environments ES6 code is bundled as is, without being transpiled to ES5.
    It makes it impossible to debug in many older browsers witch don't support modern syntax.

    Is there a recommended debugging workflow?
    I guess, it should be possible to enable transpiling at least for testing environment.

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    Same question here. Did you find a good solution?

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    Hi, all,
    I have the same question. As I can see into build process, the development build is not using transpiler. Hence it is impossible to see working application, e.g. in IE11, while the production build is working fine.
    We need to deploy aplication that is working also in IE11, but how can we debug some IE specific errors if the develpment build is not working at all (e.g. using Template literals resolve in syntax error).

    So it is somehow possible to turn the transpiler on also for development build?

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    Also I have the same question.

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    Maybe changing the compressor in the app.json would help.
        "development": {
            "compressor": {
                "type": "closure"
    I think there is "closure", "yui" and "uglify".
    But I don't know, maybe there actually exists a "transpile" option. It's hard to say since sencha apparently refuses to properly document all available app.json / package.json options.

    Another wild guess would be to set the output.js.version to ES5:

        "development": {
            "output": {
                "js": {
                    "version": "ES5"

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