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Thread: Expanding grid group broken when scrollable is set to false.

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-25756 in 6.5.1.
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    Default Expanding grid group broken when scrollable is set to false.

    I have an Architect project that I just updated to 6.5 that contains a Grid with scrollable set to false and is grouped with collapsible groups. When you try to expand a group with grouping.expand('groupname') or expand or collapse a group using the icon, nothing happens and an error
    Uncaught TypeError: scroller.getPosition is not a function at constructor.onReplace (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:192848)
    at constructor.callParent (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:12735)
    at constructor.onReplace (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:216773)
    at (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:21551)
    at constructor.doFireEvent (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:22524)
    at constructor.fireEventArgs (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:22377)
    at constructor.fireEvent (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:22336)
    at constructor.collapseGroup (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:226374)
    at constructor.doCollapseExpand (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:227447)
    at constructor.collapse (VM294 ext-all-debug.js:227359)
    is shown in the console.

    I found that in Ext.view.AbstractView onReplace() which is ultimately called from Ext.view.Table onReplace(), the following lines do not work if scrollable is set to false:
    var me = this,
        all = me.all,
        scroller = me.getScrollable(),
        yPos = scroller.getPosition().y, // <-- here!
        selModel = me.getSelectionModel(),
        origStart = startIndex,
        result, item, fragment, children, oldItems, endIndex, restoreFocus;
    Here is the related fiddle.

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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