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Thread: [Ext6.5.0] Not possible to set instances in the panel#tool config

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    Default [Ext6.5.0] Not possible to set instances in the panel#tool config

    See and open fiddle:

    will crash on run (also in nightly)

    Seems the slider can not be instantiated in the tools section. Previously this worked fine.


    it will crash when you set any instance in the tool config. This problem seems to be related to the panels tool config. Setting it by xtype solves it.
    Looks likes a bug.
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    Only Ext.Tool instances can go in the tools array. Try adding your slider as a header item instead:

        xtype: 'panel',
        width : 200,
        height : 200,
        renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
        header: {
            items: [slider]

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