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Thread: ExtJs 2.5- grid panel RowSelectionModel hasSelection() property not set to True.

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    Default ExtJs 2.5- grid panel RowSelectionModel hasSelection() property not set to True.

    Hello ,

    I have a GridPanel and a RowSelectionModel which are bound to a comboBox,
    When data is bound to the Grid there is code which updates the currentlySelected Rows for the RowSelectionModel. This is the previousSaved value which was selected for the combo box.

    If (fieldMappingTypeID = ConfigUtilities.GetIntKey("Field Value", 0)) Then
    cboFAField.Disabled = False
    Dim sm As RowSelectionModel = CType(Me.grdFAFieldForMapping.GetSelectionModel(), RowSelectionModel)
    sm.SelectedRows.Add(New SelectedRow(SourceFacFieldId.ToString))
    End If

    The issue is on Updating the Selection for RowSelectionModel its property hasSelection() is not updated to true and if user clicks save the JavaScript validation fails because hasSelection() is set to false. This property sets to true only if the user clicks on the combo box. This property should be set automatically on updating the selection for RowSelectionModel edits.

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    I don't believe that there was a Ext JS 2.5 release. Do you mean 6.5.0? Are you able to recreate this issue in a test case?

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