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Thread: Grid Checkbox (select) column

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    Default Grid Checkbox (select) column

    How do I enable the multi-select row feature of the Grid (using the checkbox column) by default without the Select button displayed in the grid title bar? I still want to have a title bar but want the Selection column to appear by default and do not want he Select/Delete commands of the rowoperations plugin to be visible. By the way, the rowoperations plugin does not appear under Grid/plugins in the doc browser.

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    I actually figured it out already. You can use 'selectable' grid config which is not documented :-(

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    I've opened a docs bug for this. Thank you for reporting! We'll having this fixed in the 6.5.1 docs.

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    @geniny maybe is this helpful for you?
    <Grid flex={1} title="Title" store={} plugins={[{ type: 'rowoperations',
            operation: {
                text: 'Do action',
                handler: 'onRowOperation',
                ui: 'plain'
            selectButton: false,
            selectionCloumn: {
                checkbox: true,
                sortable: false
        <Column text="Name" dataIndex="name" flex={1}/>
    In my opinion the documentation is very poor in some details...

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