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Thread: Modern Grid Column Headers Slide Independently of Row Columns

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    Default Modern Grid Column Headers Slide Independently of Row Columns

    One of my customers was testing out a grid panel I created with the 6.2 Modern toolkit. He started swiping left and right in the grid body and started laughing. The column headers don't move in sync with the rows but instead lag behind the horizontal movement of the grid rows. I had not tried horizontal scrolling in the grid panel before and was quite embarrassed. Is this the way it is supposed to work? What would be the reason why it is ok for the column headers to not move smoothly with the column rows when you swipe left and right in a modern grid panel?

    You can readily see this yourself by opening up the "Big Data" grid panel example in the Kitchen Sink application on a tablet or phone and swiping quickly left and right in the grid body. It is not as pronounced in that example as it was in my prototype but nonetheless you can see the effect.

    I assume that since the modern grid panel was released this way, and I haven't seen any other posts on this subject, that it's just the default behavior and I'm the only one annoyed by it.

    So far it has caused me to scrap two features that I wanted to include in my latest project. Grid panels with horizontal scrolling would have been helpful since there is limited horizontal space on the tablet. I won't provide that though because the lag between the headers and the rows looks too amateurish. I also wanted to include a feature that allows the user to delete rows by tapping an "Edit List" button which slides in a column of delete icons. I can show and hide that column but if I try to include slide animation the headers slide over first, then the rows. Looks bad. I apologize for the negative tone of this post but my company is paying for this software and we expect better.

    So my question is: Is this just the way it works, or am I missing some magic configuration setting that will sync up the headers and rows?

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    Modern grid is pretty junk. Like someone created a prototype / proof-of-concept and then gave up on it. 18 months later and it hasn't improved. Much of the functionality in the Classic Grid has never been moved into the Modern Grid. Like automatically sizing columns to content and reordering columns via drag and drop. Really, really basic stuff.

    Had a problem with the Themer and raised a support issue over a week ago and no response yet. It's beyond disappointing (as a paying customer)

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