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Thread: Ext.grid.plugin.Exporter

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    Default Ext.grid.plugin.Exporter

    Exporting grid to excel Version premium plugin: 6.2.1

    How do I format numbers, I have the column formatted as follows.
    exportRenderer with reference to a custom function is not working, even if I set to true (because renderer is refering to custom function that format column data) is also not working.
    is there a documentation which explains all supported format syntax.

    Excel throws exception when format is set to Number, tried setting format to 'number("0.000")', still same excel throws exception
    This is how I am formatting the column for export.
      xtype: 'gridcolumn',
      text: "Price in  $",
      dataIndex: 'price',
      renderer: 'renderFixedColumn2Decimals',
      exportRenderer: 'renderFixedColumn2Decimals',
      exportStyle: [{
        format: 'Number',
        alignment: {
          horizontal: 'Right'
        font: {
          italic: true
      width: 85

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    Here you will find all supported values for "exportStyle.format":
    If exportStyle.format, formatter and exportRenderer are all defined on the column then the exportStyle wins and will be used to format the data for this column:

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