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Thread: tooltip causing errors

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    Default tooltip causing errors

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing good.

    I just created a very simple dashboard and it was working great. I started adding tool tips so that viewers could hover over the information. After the first one, I refreshed and starting getting errors.

    I have been staring at this and do not see what I am doing wrong. If I remove the tooltip everything starts to work again.

    Below is the code for one of the graphs that is demonstrating this problem. Below that is a screen capture of the error I see in the developers console. Also, oddly is says the error is in .js. No file name.

    Ext.define('Submarine.view.dashboard.RunsByDay', {
        extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
        xtype: 'runsbyday',
        requires: [
        title: 'Runs By Day',
        ui: 'light',
        iconCls: 'x-fa fa-bar-chart',
        headerPosition: 'bottom',
        cls: 'quick-graph-panel shadow',
        height: 130,
        layout: 'fit',
        items: [
                xtype: 'cartesian',
                animation : !Ext.isIE9m &&,
                height: 75,
                background: '#8561c5',
                colors: [
                bind: 'RunsByDayStore',
                axes: [
                        type: 'category',
                        fields: [
                        hidden: true,
                        position: 'bottom'
                        type: 'numeric',
                        fields: [
                        grid: {
                            odd: {
                                fill: '#e8e8e8'
                        hidden: true,
                        position: 'left'
                series: [
                        type: 'bar',
                        tooltip: {
                            trackMouse: true,
                            renderer: function (tooltip, record, item) {
                                //tooltip.setHtml(record.get('RaceDate') + ': ' + record.get('cnt'));
                        xField: 'RaceDate',
                        yField: [
    Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 2.40.49 PM.png

    Mike Myers
    Frederick, MD

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    Does it also happen if you use update() instead of setHtml()? Can you reproduce in a fiddle?

    EDIT: based on the error message i would guess that your app is trying to load some external resource and getting 404 error instead of the actual content. Maybe you should take a look at the network tab.

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    Instead of toolTip.setHtml have you tried toolTip.setTitle('test')? Does that give you errors?

    And the record properties you are trying to chart have value right? No nulls anywhere? I agree with the hakimio . Seems like it's trying to load something.

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