I'm developing an app using the admin dashboard template and I have a question.

The Views need to be a node of the NavigationTree.js or it will return page 404, protecting views access. I load data to the treestore by an ajax request

What is the correct way to load a treestore then remove all nodes then load again? 2 or 3 or x times

There is a way to restar all the application ?

So in 6.2.1 I was doing this.

load store only with the login.
then remove all, then load again with the user structure.

every time I need it.

then I upgrade to 6.5 and this not work, the first load is OK but in the second load the tree store get stuck, sometimes not update the nodes, sometimes yes but I get a error I when try to expand " Cannot read property 'contains' of null".

I was reading and load on a treestore isn't the best practice, it has to be loaded on expand, but I does not want to show all areas to all people.

even if I use load on expand, I does not know if it works, more than 1 time.

can someone confirm that treestore is buged or tell me if I'm doing wrong ?