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Thread: Problem with LoadMask component selector

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    Cool Problem with LoadMask component selector

    Hi we are in the middle of a 30 day evaluation. After a successful login, we look for our loadmask to visible and then to be hidden, at this point the app should be loaded.
    (Note: in earlier post we had a window.location.reload() that we have removed)

    The "should login" test is successful; however, both
    "should find loadingmask" and
    "should not find loadingmask" BOTH fail. (They both should succeed)

    Is there a problem with our ST.component selector? I have tested the selector separately using the debugger console where the following returns the proper loadmask component.

    var testmask=Ext.ComponentQuery.query('loadmask[itemId=scgdbloadmask]')[0];

    Any assistance will be appreciated,


    describe("should login and navigate", function() {
    var Login = {
    username : function(){ return ST.textField('textfield[name="userid"]')},
    password : function(){ return ST.textField('textfield[name="password"]')},
    login_but : function(){ return ST.button('#but123')}

    it("should login", function() {

    it("should find loadingmask", function(){

    it("should not find loadingmask", function(){


    Update - I have changed the above selectors, below, (that work when using Ext.ComponentQuery) and now the first test passes; however the second test (detect hidden loading mask) fails.
    It takes about 15 seconds for the loadmask to be hidden. Could the problem be that Jasmines 5 second timeout is causing the second test to fail even though the timeout is set to 30 seconds?

    it("should find loadingmask", function(){

    it("should not find loadingmask", function(){

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    Default Basic overide of jasmine 5 second overide fails. Could this be related

    I have coded a short test case where I have attempted to override jasmines default 5 second timeout and it fails. Could this be related to my promise code failing?

    jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL = 30 * 1000;
    describe("issuetest", function() {

    it("should pass", function() {
    console.log(" jas interval=" + jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL);
    it("9 sec exceeds 5 but not new 10 sec def should pass.", function(done) {
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 9000);

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