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Thread: [6.5.0 Modern] Exception with Grid in Dialog

    You found a bug! We've classified it as EXTJS-25518 . We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Default [6.5.0 Modern] Exception with Grid in Dialog

    When a Grid will be shown in a Dialog an Exception occur.

    Same behaviour as classic mode, The data will be displayed in the grid.

    Example / Steps to reproduce:

    * Just open the example (Sometimes just the layout is broken but without an exception. Just reload the page)

    Tested with:
    - Firefox 54.0
    - Chrome 59.0.3071.86

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '$header' of undefined
    at constructor.removeDataItem (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:106256)
    at constructor.updateItemCount (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:104264)
    at constructor.setter [as setItemCount] (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:6980)
    at constructor.syncRowsToHeight (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:106813)
    at constructor.updateVisibleHeight (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:107028)
    at constructor.setter [as setVisibleHeight] (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:6980)
    at constructor.resync (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:106287)
    at constructor.resyncOnPaint (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:106327)
    at constructor.retry (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:106296)
    at (VM205 ext-modern-all-debug.js:13597)

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    Thanks for the report. We're tracking this issue as EXTJS-25518. Still unresolved at this time.

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    Default Problem found at Ext.dataview.List function "syncRowsToHeight"

    When will this be fixed?
    Not only when grid is shown in a Dialog. Also in Panel.

    Problem found at Ext.dataview.List function "syncRowsToHeight":
    --> Row 3430

    The problem appears when the config infinite of the grid is set to true, which is the default value.
    Sometimes it happens, that this.rowHeight is -1.
    So Math.ceil(visibleHeight / rowHeight) + bufferZone will return a negative number.
    In the function "updateItemCount" (...Component.js-3.html - row 894) the while-loop-condition is true, also if there are no items to remove
    -> items.pop() is not defined
    In the function "removeDataItem" (...List.js-2.html - row 2678) the parameter item is not defined
    -> var header = item.$header will crash with the reported error

    Why is rowHeight sometimes -1?
    -> See function "measureItem"
    height = item.el.measure('h') + item.el.getMargin('tb');
    But the heigth is 0 and margin is -1.

    Workaround is to set the config infinite of the grid to false.
    But is not very usable when loading a store with lot of data.

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    I have the same error, I added this fix:

    Ext.define('App.overrides.dataview.Component', {
    override: 'Ext.dataview.Component',
    privates: {
    updateItemCount:function(count) {
    var me = this, items = me.dataItems, cfg, itemsFocusable;
    if (items.length < count) {
    cfg = me.getItemConfig();
    itemsFocusable = me.getItemsFocusable();
    while (items.length < count) {
    me.acquireItem(cfg, itemsFocusable);
    while (items.length > count) {
    var pop = items.pop();
    // pop is undefined and it will generate throw error Cannot read property '$header' of undefined
    // here I added a fix but I don’t know how correct it is... ?
    if (!Ext.isDefined(pop)) {


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