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Thread: Am I not getting the syntax to do ESEM right?

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    Default Am I not getting the syntax to do ESEM right?


    I recently read the paper "Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling" from Asparouhov & Muthén and I wanted to try the ESEM approach in Mplus (v5.21) to modelise my data. To keep things simple to start with, I considered subset of my data which has 4 factors having 4 indicators each. When I use the "type = EFA 4 4", the model converges and gives interesting results. However, when I want to use a more complex model (e.g. having paths and correlated residuals), I will have to write the syntax in a different way. Something more like :

    type = general;
    rotation = geomin(0.0001);


    ext BY ext1-ext4*1 mi1-mi4*0 iden1-iden4*0 intro1-intro4*0;
    mi BY ext1-ext4*0 mi1-mi4*1 iden1-iden4*0 intro1-intro4*0;
    iden BY ext1-ext4*0 mi1-mi4*0 iden1-iden4*1 intro1-intro4*0;
    intro BY ext1-ext4*0 mi1-mi4*0 iden1-iden4*0 intro1-intro4*1;

    ext WITH intro iden mi;
    intro WITH iden mi;
    iden WITH mi;

    ...if I understood right from the example given in the paper. Yet, I receive a "THE STANDARD ERRORS OF THE MODEL PARAMETER ESTIMATES COULD NOT BE COMPUTED" error when I run the model.

    Am I not getting the syntax to do ESEM right?

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    Hello. You've posted to an unsupported Ext JS forum. Is there an Ext JS 1.x question here?

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