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Thread: Extjs 6.5.0 overrides not applying properly

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    Default Extjs 6.5.0 overrides not applying properly

    When I try simple override of the title property (or any other), no changes are applied.

    How to reproduce:

    Create simple app with Sencha CMD. Add any override in overrides folder and preview changes on UI.

    cd C:\
    mkdir TestApp
    cd TestApp
    sencha -sdk "C:\ext-6.5.0" generate workspace "testworkspace"
    cd testworkspace
    sencha -sdk "C:\ext-6.5.0" generate app --classic TestAppA "apps/TestAppA"
    cd apps/TestAppA
    mkdir overrides\view\main
    copy NUL > overrides/view/main/List.js
    notepad overrides/view/main/List.js

        override: 'TestAppA.view.main.List',
        title: 'Some other name'

    sencha app watch

    I can see override file in my source on the browser, and if a breakpoint is set to constructor, it will fire but finished class/config has original title and not the overriden one.

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    Seemingly same issue here.

    I have the following override :

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.form.field.ComboBox', {
        override: 'Ext.form.field.ComboBox',
        getDisplayedValue: function() {
            console.log("we are in Ext.overrides.form.field.ComboBox getDisplayedValue ");
            try {
                var rec = this.findRecord(this.valueField, this.getValue(), 0, false, false, true);
                var data = this.getStore().getData();
                console.log("getDisplayedValue() : contenu de :");
                if (rec) {
                    return rec.get(this.displayField);
                } else {
                    return "";
            } catch (err) {
                return err;
         * Ext.form.field.ComboBox crashes unexpectedly when more than one combo with paging presented on the
         * same physical page in the browser:
         * Ext.ComponentManager.register(): Registering duplicate component id "undefined-paging-toolbar"
         * Solution: just comment nonexistent pickerId when component boundlist creates. Since this pickerId is
         * nowhere used this should be okay and Ext.Component will make sure about unique identifier by itself.
         * Fiddle shows this issue persists in ext- but is fixed in ext-
         * Discussion:
         * Fiddle:
        createPicker: function() {
            var me = this,
                pickerCfg = Ext.apply({
                    xtype: 'boundlist',
                    pickerField: me,
                    selectionModel: me.pickerSelectionModel,
                    floating: true,
                    hidden: true,
                    store: me.getPickerStore(),
                    displayField: me.displayField,
                    preserveScrollOnRefresh: true,
                    pageSize: me.pageSize,
                    tpl: me.tpl
                }, me.listConfig, me.defaultListConfig);
            picker = me.picker = Ext.widget(pickerCfg);
            if (me.pageSize) {
                picker.pagingToolbar.on('beforechange', me.onPageChange, me);
            // We limit the height of the picker to fit in the space above
            // or below this field unless the picker has its own ideas about that.
            if (!picker.initialConfig.maxHeight) {
                    beforeshow: me.onBeforePickerShow,
                    scope: me
                beforeselect: me.onBeforeSelect,
                beforedeselect: me.onBeforeDeselect,
                focuschange: me.onFocusChange,
                scope: me
            picker.getNavigationModel().navigateOnSpace = false;
            return picker;
    which works in 6.0.1 but seems to work no more with : no message is displayed in the console.

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    Any new on this ?
    Are there other users who experiment the same issue ?

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    I am also facing same issue. I am just simply overriding one of my custom view title, However it is not working. Any one can suggest.

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    Default Alternative Solution if your overrides not picked by app.json

    Quote Originally Posted by nitin.loya View Post
    I am also facing same issue. I am just simply overriding one of my custom view title, However it is not working. Any one can suggest.
    [QUOTE] Move your override folder under the app directory and add that to app.json property it should work

    "overrides": [

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