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Thread: position: fixed on body prevents multi-page printing

    This duplicates another bug already reported in our system: EXTJS-25495
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    Default position: fixed on body prevents multi-page printing

    Hi all,

    With Sencha 6.5, I see that the theme-gray-all CSS file added a `position: fixed` CSS property to the main body tag (.x-viewport > .x-body). This causes problems for multi-page printing.

    I've created the following fiddle to illustrate the problem.

    1. In Chrome (it's easiest to see there - but I confirmed it's broken in FF too), click the Print button. Notice it says "1/1" in the number of pages that will be printed.
    2. Comment out the position: fixed line in the fiddle & Run the fiddle.
    3. Click the print button again. Notice that now you see "1/4" for the number of pages. This is correct.

    I haven't been able to find a solution around this problem that doesn't involve overriding the `position: fixed` property on the body - something I obviously don't want to do!

    Any suggestions on how to get around this problem?



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    From a look at the comments in the code that particular piece (position: fixed) was related to an issue with virtual keyboards on mobile, so it seems safe to override if you're targetting desktop.

    I'll open a ticket to see if there's any harm in adding a print media rule setting it back to static.
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    Default Thanks!

    Excellent, thanks evant! Good idea on adding a print media rule override. I'll monitor the bug for updates.

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