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Thread: Selenium IDE equivalent for Sencha Test.

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    Default Selenium IDE equivalent for Sencha Test.

    Hi! Is there some tools to record user actions for further using them in auto-tests by Sencha Test ?
    Selenium IDE records actions by id or css classes. But it is not so reliable. Are there are some tools which record actions and create script in which ExtJS API is used for components look up ?

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    I would recommend that you try the new "inspect" feature available in Sencha Test 2.1.0 (released a few weeks ago). It allows you to "inspect" your application, click on various components, and pick from a list of auto-generated locator strategies. It also includes a wizard feature that you can use to further refine the component selector based on properties/configs of the component. Finally, you can save these to a page object that allows you encapsulate the locator into a reusable method that you can use in your tests.

    Hope this helps!

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