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Thread: Sencha workspace/app upgrade giving confusing error message

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    Default Sencha workspace/app upgrade giving confusing error message

    I'm trying to upgrade a workspace and all of its apps from version to version

    The workspace builds correctly in and a copy of it is located here:


    Under this is ext/, myApp/, packages/, etc.

    The ext sdk is located here:


    Under this is packages/, sass/, templates/, etc.

    My Sencha Cmd path:


    Based on the documentation I should be able to do this:

    cd ~/Documents/migration/
    ./~/Applications/Sencha/Cmd/sencha.exe workspace upgrade ~/Documents/archive/ext-6.2.1/

    But I get this output:

    Sencha Cmd v6.2.1.29
    [ERR] Command must be run from a workspace folder

    I have also tried replacing workspace with app and running in the workspace and app directories, same error message, although for app it might output the following before the error message:

    [INF] Loading configuration for framework directory: ~/Documents/archive/ext-6.2.1

    I'm 100% sure the command is being run from a workspace. If there were better diagnostics, I might be able to figure out what is going on.

    Can anyone advise?

    Thank you.

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    Do you see a workspace.json file inside ~/Documents/migration/ ?

    If so, could you share it here?

    Remember that a framework can have more than one namespace so you actually need to do sencha framework upgrade {framework.key} {path}

    So, if you have an 'ext' framework you can just run:

    sencha framework upgrade ext ~/Documents/archive/ext-6.2.1/
    Israel Roldán | Senior Software Engineer (Framework tools)

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