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Thread: Submit value and rawValue of Combobox in a form

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    Default Submit value and rawValue of Combobox in a form

    Hello guys,

    I have been searching solutions for this issue I have. I have seen the solution in the link below as my reference, unfortunately it does not work for me. Even though of the people in the thread are says it is working for them, it seems does not for me.

    Basically what I want to do is to submit the value and raw value of a combobox once the form is submitted. As the link reference suggest, it is to use the hiddenName, how does that work?

    Also, I am hoping not to do the solution where set a value for a hidden element once a combobox is selected because my elements in a form is kind of dynamic where the fields are database defined (hope you get what I mean).

    Anyway, thats basically what I wanna do. How does hiddenName does? how can I implement this? how can I submit the rawvalue and value of the combobox when form is submitted?


    Thank you.

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    Did you set the hiddenName config on your combo?

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