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Thread: Ext.Loader is undefined

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    Default Ext.Loader is undefined


    I'm just new with Sencha and I try to follow the CarListing tutorial (
    My SenchaCmd is under C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\SenchaCmd\
    My CarListing project is under C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\CarListings

    I've performed the sencha web start with a map to the CarListing project.
    When I run http://localhost:1841/carListing/index.htmI I get a blank window and the error Ext.Loader is undefined in app.js:17:0.

    Here is the app.js auto generated (I don't have touched it) :
     * File: app.js
     * This file was generated by Sencha Architect version 3.5.1.
     * This file requires use of the Ext JS 6.0.x library, under independent license.
     * License of Sencha Architect does not include license for Ext JS 6.0.x. For more
     * details see or contact [email protected].
     * This file will be auto-generated each and everytime you save your project.
     * Do NOT hand edit this file.
    // @require @packageOverrides
        models: [
        stores: [
        name: 'CarListings',
        launch: function() {
            Ext.create('CarListings.view.CarListings', {renderTo: Ext.getBody()});

    Can someone give me an hint on how about to resolve this?

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    You've posted in the Ext JS 3.x forum. Which specific versions of Ext JS, Architect and Cmd are you using?

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    I'm using :
    - Sencha Architect 3.5.1
    - Cmd
    - ExtJS 6.0.x

    Architect is parameted to store :
    - Frameworks in C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\Frameworks
    - Components in C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\Components
    - Extensions in C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\Extensions
    - Templates in C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\Templates

    Architect is parameted to use custom Cmd in C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\SenchaCmd (

    I've just tested to create a new project based on the exemple Car Listings under C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\CarListing2

    I've launched sencha web start -map carListing2=C:\Dev\Workspace\SenchaArchitect\CarListing2
    When I launch http://localhost:1841/carListing2, I get the Ext.Loader is undefined

    Is there anything that I've done wrong?

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