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Thread: Passing values from form to grid with pagination

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    Default Passing values from form to grid with pagination


    I try to connect a form with a store/grid so that whenever I refresh, load or move to a next/previous page it loads all the parameters from this form. Store is reading data via json from a remote server.

    I tried this in my store class:

        listeners: {
            beforeload: function(store, operation, eOpts) {          
                var form = Ext.getCmp('Form');
                var values = form.getForm().getFieldValues();
                Ext.apply(store, {
                    params: Ext.encode(values)
    but it doesn't seem to work. Params are being set, but the call to the server only contains start, page and limit values.

    What is the recommended solution?

    Thank you

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    Here's an older thread that may help:

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