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Thread: drag and drop issue

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    Default drag and drop issue

    I have created a viewport with all the regions.
    in west region i have an accordion panel that displays 5 icons.
    in the center region i have a tabpanel configured like this:
    closable: false,
    html:'<div id="myDiv" style="background-color:red; width:1500px; height:400px"></div>',....

    when the tab is activated iam doing this:

    var dragsource=new Ext.dd.DragSource("dragMe", {ddGroup:'TreeDD',dragData:{name: "draw2d.Start"}}); 
    					var dragsource2=new Ext.dd.DragSource("dragMe2", {ddGroup:'TreeDD',dragData:{name: "draw2d.End"}}); 
    					var droptarget=new Ext.dd.DDTarget('myDiv',{ddGroup:'TreeDD'});
    see I want to be able to drag any one of the icons located in the accordion into the body of the tabpanel that is located in the center region.

    i am able to make the icons draggable but they dont stick to the center tabpanel.

    please give some hints. anyone.


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    See the latest drag drop example in the main examples section. It shows how to activate a DragZone which manages many draggable items, dragging each as a proxy (ie, a "picture" of the data being dragged, leaving the orignial in place until your code removes it on a successful drop)

    And it shows how to activate a DropZone to recieve notifications of gestures (nodeEnter, nodeOver, nodeOut and nodeDrop) from cooperating DragZones.

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