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Thread: 6.2 Grid Scrolling Performance

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    Default 6.2 Grid Scrolling Performance

    ExtJS Version: - Classic
    Tested on Win7: Firefox 53, Chrome 58, IE 11

    I have an issue with grids with large amounts of data and a widgetcolumn. The problem occurs if the widget is being hidden/shown based on a value in the record.

    • Scrolling with the mousewheel is very laggy
    • Dragging the scrollbar causes the data in the grid to disappear and the scrollbar jumps up and down as you drag
    • After enough scrolling the widgets will not be visible at all

    The same fiddle has no issues when run under ExtJS

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    It seems as though the call to hide/show is triggering a layout. In the interim you could just poke the element directly:

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    Excellent, that works well. Thanks!

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