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Thread: ExtJS 6.2 GridPanel does not show the store data

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    Default ExtJS 6.2 GridPanel does not show the store data

    I want to create dynamic Grid Panel, when I hit the search box and the query match with my data, then the grid panel with the data inside will appear. But, the data seems not showing up in the grid eventhough I have successfully fetched it to the client.

    Here is my code:

    function quickSearch() {
            if (Ext.getCmp("programSearchGrid"))
            var searchKey = Ext.getCmp("tf_quicksearch").value;	
    		var searchUrl = '/geoserver/wfs?service=wfs&' +
    			'version=1.1.0&request=GetFeature&typeNames=pskl:profil_ps&' +
    		var programStore = new{
    			remoteSort: false,
    			autoLoad: false,
    			storeId: 'profilStore',
    			proxy: new{
    				type: 'ajax',
    				url: 'http://' + window.location.hostname + ':8087' + searchUrl,
    				reader: {
    					type: 'json',
    					root: 'features'
    				method: 'GET',
    				simpleSortMode: true
    			fields: [
    				{name: 'properties.skema_id'},
    				{name: 'properties.provinsi'},
    				{name: 'properties.kabupaten'},
    				{name: 'properties.sk_no'},
    				{name: 'properties.klmpk_tani'},
    				{name: 'properties.nama_areal'},
    				{name: 'properties.nama_kelompok'},
    				{name: 'properties.skema'},
    				{name: 'properties.desa'},
    				{name: 'properties.kecamatan'},
    				{name: 'properties.no_izin'},
    				{name: 'properties.luas_sk_fix'},
    				{name: 'properties.komoditi'},
    				{name: 'properties.kk_jumlah'},
    				{name: 'properties.ketua_nama'},
    				{name: 'properties.ketua_kontak'}
    		var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    			hideCollapseTool: true,
    			closable: false,
        		width: 120,
    			closeAction: 'hide',
    			id: 'programSearchGrid',
    			columns: [
    				{text: 'Nama', flex: 1, dataIndex: 'properties.nama_areal'},
    				{text: 'Provinsi', flex:1, dataIndex: 'properties.provinsi'},
    				{text: 'Luas', flex: 1, dataIndex: 'properties.luas_sk_fix', hidden: true},
    				{text: 'Skema', flex:1, dataIndex: 'properties.skema'},
    				{text: 'Desa', flex:1, dataIndex: 'properties.desa', hidden: true},
    				{text: 'Jumlah KK', flex:1, dataIndex: 'properties.kk_jumlah'}
    			listeners: {
    				'itemdblclick': function (dv, record) {
    		programStore.on('load', function (records) {
    			if ( != 0) {
            cqlFilter = 'strToLowerCase(desa) like \'%' + searchKey + '%\' or strToLowerCase(provinsi) like \'%' + searchKey + '%\'';
    		if (searchKey) {
    	        programStore.getProxy().extraParams.cql_filter = cqlFilter;
        Ext.getCmp("tf_quicksearch").on('keypress', function (obj, e) {
            if (e.getKey() === e.ENTER) {
        Ext.getCmp("btn_quicksearchok").on('click', function (e) {
    When I click twice in that row panel, I could see the data in the console. But why the data does not showing up in the grid. Please help me.

    I've read through this post , this. But nothing's work.


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    Does the data show in the grid before you filter with the search field? You've confirmed that your server script is returning the filtered set?

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