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Thread: Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener (Chrome)

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener (Chrome)

    In the latest 6.2.1 used on windows touch device (e.g. MS Surface) I notice, that dragdrop operation are not handled properly. To reproduce this, try to reorder columns with touch on buffer grid example. Open it in a relatively small window to see vertical scrollbar. Now there are two paths:
    1) Your first drag move is vertical - you can drag column horizontally but vertical scroll in changed when you drag up/down
    2) Your first drag move is horizontal - you will see that page itself is moving to the right (chrome back/forward page navigation) and page also can be scrolled vertically

    In the console you will see a ton of warnings referring us to the chrome feature description. And if we disable corresponding option in chrome flags: chrome://flags/#document-passive-event-listeners then dragdrop works just fine: no page scrolling or back navigation, no warning in console. Also it works much faster.

    As I understand, chrome devs suggest to add event listeners like this:
    Since we cannot tell every chrome user to disable this flag, would you consider adding all (touch) events listeners as active?

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