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Thread: Sencha fiddle errors when running application

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    A quick note to add to @richardvd's answer, yes your files need to reside in the app directory. This is because of's appFolder config, by default it's set to 'app' which means the name of your app should resolve too that app directory.
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    Thank you. I hope this will be very helpful along with if you can show me some video tutorials please ? Thanks

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    Thanks. I hope this will really helps me. Would happy if you can show me some beginner level video tutorials too. Thanks a lot. I browsed over net but did not get an complete tutorials for Ext Js but only bits and pieces those were not recent versions. Please show me a light. Thanks again for your time.

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    Hi Thanks Will review the books.

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    I can't offer this much. Could you suggest me any other book please ? Thanks.

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