Trying this fiddle: Modern: Multiselect grid plugin - broken

It is not binding the plugin's SelectionColumn to the grid while it is instantiated. So I click 'select', it does not show the column and, clicking 'delete' just shows another 'cancel' button right to the 'delete' button, indefinitely.

But if I just "extend" the grid with the settings I want, then it surprisingly works fine. It looks like a "race condition".. well, just a "race" which results are defined at "definition time".

This is a sample with the extension approach: Modern: MultiSelect grid plugin - working.

I'm using google chrome 57 with developer tools on and under device emulation mode for Galaxy S5.

update: Calling grid's .addPlugin('multiselection') after it is created works fine, so it really looks like just a problem when the plug in is bound to the grid at definition-time (specified in Ext.create() object).