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Thread: Combo Box Performance while loading >100k Records.

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    Default Combo Box Performance while loading >100k Records.

    Hello Sencha:

    How to improve the performance of combo box while loading large amount of records (>100k Records) ?

    Is there any best way to implement infinite scrolling/load records in small amount of chunks in combo box?

    In my case Combo box store is not set to auto load, i need to load the store manually.

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    I would restructure the UI so that I didn't have a combo with so much data. Not sure what your data looks like but 100k is a lot of text to pass around. Which browser are you using, and how long is it taking? Can you share the combo config?

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    Hello Gary:

    Following are the details:

    Total number of Records for TEST: 50000

    Browser Used: Internet Explorer 11

    Time required IE: >3 mins to display all the records in combo box [Fiddler statistics:Bytes Received: 1,989,098 ]

    Please find the attached text file for Comb box and Data Store configurations.
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