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Thread: Grid EnableLocking and CellEditing : bug -> columns are not align with their header

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Something that annoyed me on the grid with cellEditor is that when it tries to ensure visibility, even though cellEditing sends the column the focus is wanted, Ext.panel.Table.privates.doEnsureVisible() insists on getting the outline of a whole row, instead of the cell. I just hacked into that to make it call me.getCell() instead of me.getNode() when the column it wants to ensure visibility is specified, so it eliminates unexplained scrolling if:
    1. you click a partially displayed cell (it will scroll just enough to show the whole cell) -and-
    2. you start editing that (it used to scroll more even though that was no longer necessary!

    But well, running the fiddle above, 6.5.0 does not have this issue at all (I think it still calls the getNode() for the wrong outline, but now they have two calls for syncing scroller, one they fix the scroll vertically (using the full row outline), and then they call again the whole thing to fix the horizontal scroll, now correctly using the getCell() approach. I'm not sure why 6.5.0 took that bricky path. (instead of just getCell() if column has been specified!)

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    With upgrading my application to the latest framework (v6.5) my issue is solved.

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