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Thread: When will sencha test have drag and drop funcionality?

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    Default When will sencha test have drag and drop funcionality?


    The missing drag and drop functionality was a known issue in version 1.0
    Now we have version 2.0 and still a known issue.

    can someone tell us an ETA on such an important feature?


    steven z

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    This is still on our roadmap, but I don't have any timescales for implementation at the moment.

    If you could please let us know the kind of drag-and-drop actions you are aiming to replicate, that would be useful. For example, are you wanting to drag-and-drop tree nodes, or move floating windows, etc?
    Daniel Gallo

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    Hi, since I'm about to tackle figuring out a scenario like this in my next script, I'll chime in with my example if no one minds. My scenario is neither of what you ask Daniel, however I would be interested in the dragNdrop tree nodes example you suggest as well. For me right now, it would be useful to know how to use a duel-panel shopping cart grids where the object is dragged from one panel grid to another. Thanks in advance, See my attached screen shots for example:

    Attachment 58017Attachment 58018

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