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Thread: MS Edge support - Contextual menu opening while scrolling

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default MS Edge support - Contextual menu opening while scrolling

    On MS Edge, the contextual menu opens when a long mouse click is detected (even with the left button).
    This typically occurs while scrolling, which is a problem.
    As a workaround, we have overridden protected void onTouch(Event event) {} on the widget (empty implementation).
    Is there a better way to handle this case?
    Could this be fixed in next version?

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    Overriding onTouch(Event event) {} has some side-effects, so I implemented a cleaner workaround as below (class extending Grid)):
    private boolean fixContextMenuGestureRecognizer=false;

    public void setContextMenu(Menu menu) {
    try {
    } finally {
    public void addGestureRecognizer(GestureRecognizer gestureRecognizer) {
    if (fixContextMenuGestureRecognizer){
    gestureRecognizer = new LongPressOrTapGestureRecognizer() {
    protected void onLongPress(TouchData touchData) {

    // we do not want to show context menu on right click
    // we could also test isMSEdge, not sure what is best here
    if (GXT.isDesktop()){
    onClick((Event) touchData.getLastNativeEvent());
    } else {
    onRightClick((Event) touchData.getLastNativeEvent());

    public boolean handleEnd(NativeEvent endEvent) {
    // onRightClick does preventDefault and stopPropagation
    return super.handleEnd(endEvent);


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