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Thread: get the inline style to take over class important css rule

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    Default get the inline style to take over class important css rule

    Hello, guys, I'm facing a problem and I hope you guys can help me. The thing is I overridden a panel class CSS and changed the height to 100 !important because I needed it everywhere. Now I know I used a bad approach since using important is not a good way to override a CSS.

    Now at one place, I need to use the inline height style rule that the panel adds it's self but the problem is that important is taking over. and I cannot remove the important now because it will affect a lot of places. So I was hoping is there any way to get the inline CSS to take the priority rather than class css height rule

    I would be grateful if anybody can help me. Thanks

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    I can't think of anything in the Ext JS panel affect the CSS this way.

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