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Thread: Modern Toolkit web mobile app fixed orientation question

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    Default Modern Toolkit web mobile app fixed orientation question

    Using SA 4.1.2.x and Ext JS 6.x is there a way to fix the orientation of a web app on a mobile device ?
    I am aware of the event Ext.Viewport.on('orientationchange', 'handleOrientationChange', this, {buffer: 50 }); and have used this in a different mobile app, then used Ext.Viewport.getOrientation() to check the orientation, then used a function setHorizontalView(); or restoreVerticalView(); to handled the change.

    Is there a way to override the orientation and fix the orientation so it does not change i.e. I want the display to remain showing a horizontal view of the app in this case a chart even if the mobile is physically change to a portrait orientation.

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    This is an old thread. Did you ever get a response or a way to keep one orientation?

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