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Thread: Sample project: Northwind

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    Default Sample project: Northwind

    There is a sample project called Northwind with distribution of "Microsoft Access".
    Its code demonstrates almost every feature and common functions. It is the greatest learn by example project.

    Where can i find something similar for Sencha Architect? Or for Sencha Ext JS ?
    Samples included with Architect are too small and limited.

    Northwind Database is a sample database that is shipped along with Microsoft Access application. Basically, the database is about a company named "Northwind Traders". The database captures all the sales transactions that occurs between the company i.e. Northwind traders and its customers as well as the purchase transactions between Northwind and its suppliers.

    It contains the following detailed information :

    1. Suppliers/Vendors of Northwind – who supply to the company.
    2. Customers of Northwind – who buy from Northwind
    3. Employee details of Northwind traders – who work for Northwind
    4. The product information – the products that Northwind trades in
    5. The inventory details – the details of the inventory held by Northwind traders.
    6. The shippers – details of the shippers who ship the products from the traders to the end-customers
    7. PO transactions i.e Purchase Order transactions – details of the transactions taking place between vendors & the company.
    8. Sales Order transaction – details of the transactions taking place between the customers & the company.
    9. Inventory transactions – details of the transactions taking place in the inventory
    10. Invoices – details of the invoice raised against the order.

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    Have you seen the ExtJS examples? There is few apps

    The source code for the examples is in the SDK archive. You can download it here

    In SA try to explore the examples for both Modern and Classic.

    But you are right the examples aren't large scale apps which the customers usually create.

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    Yes, i have seen that examples. I was looking for some thing like "Tickets app" for Sencha Architect, because ExtJs code for it looks a bit hard and messy for initial learning. For example i could not find files with Store definitions there, and data is mocked.

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    You are right the data are usually mocked. I know that there are some more complex app examples for SA but they are several years outdated so they will be probably just for touch or extjs 4 which was using quite different architecture than ExtJS 5+

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    Thank you very much, descriptions looks very promising. I'll try them.

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