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Thread: Ext Pivot grid column sorting.

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    Default Ext Pivot grid column sorting.

    Hi Team,

    I use licensed Ext JS Version 6.0.1 with pivot feature. In pivot grid, I have top axis columns for Month-Year and columns looks like below, it comes in below order :

    "Jan 2006","Feb 2006","Mar 2005","Mar 2006","Apr 2005","Apr 2006","May 2005","May 2006","Jun 2005","Jun 2006","Jul 2005","Jul 2006","Aug 2005","Aug 2006","Sep 2005","Sep 2006","Oct 2005","Nov 2005","Dec 2005"

    Actually columns should come in below order

    "Mar 2005","Apr 2005","May 2005","Jun 2005","Jul 2005","Aug 2005","Sep 2005","Oct 2005","Nov 2005","Dec 2005","Jan 2006","Feb 2006","Mar 2006","Apr 2006","May 2006","Jun 2006","Jul 2006","Aug 2006","Sep 2006"

    The reason is that it consider the Month-Year as string and use natural ordering for the top axis columns.

    is there any way we can arrange columns in proper sort order?

    Your help will be much appreciated.


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    On that top axis dimension you can define the "sortIndex" to point to a field on the model that has numeric values that can be sorted properly.

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