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Thread: Column header height is not updated correctly

    Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided.
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    Default Column header height is not updated correctly

    We render custom content to the grid header and expect it to fit normally. But it doesn't when we disable flag 'variableRowHeight'. As we can see, that happens because layout is not updated (see Ext.view.Table#refreshSize method) Please refer to this fiddle:

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    This isn't a bug. The raw DOM of the header is being manipulated without notifying the layout system, so it can't react accordingly.

    It just so happens in the case of variable row heights it may also update the column headers, but that's not a behaviour to be relied upon.

    The addStuff method should call updateLayout:

    addStuff: function () {
        var innerCt      = this.myContainer,
            ctDom        = innerCt.dom,
            oldDisplay   =,
            parent       = ctDom.parentNode;
    = 'none';
        var content = '<div style="width:50px;height:' +
            (20 * (++counter % 3)) + 'px;">' +
            counter + '</div>';
        ctDom.innerHTML = content;
        parent && parent.appendChild(ctDom); = oldDisplay;
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    As I can conclude from updateLayout docs, new header height will trigger view layout also. So if we update header like that and grid is configured with variableRowHeight, I assume that will trigger unnesessary layouts. Do I understand this process correctly? Can you recommend smth to avoid extra layouts?

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