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Thread: Ext.view.AbstractView/Ext.view.Table/Ext.tree.View:undocumented instance properties

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    Default Ext.view.AbstractView/Ext.view.Table/Ext.tree.View:undocumented instance properties

    Hello Sencha team,
    I found some undocumented properties for Ext.view.AbstractView/Ext.view.Table/Ext.tree.View,
    which are set via Ext.apply in Ext.panel.Table:
     viewConfig = Ext.apply({
                    grid: me,
                    ownerGrid: me.ownerGrid,
                    deferInitialRefresh: me.deferRowRender,
                    variableRowHeight: me.variableRowHeight,
                    preserveScrollOnRefresh: true,
                    trackOver: me.trackMouseOver !== false,
                    throttledUpdate: me.throttledUpdate === true,
                    xtype: me.viewType,
                    headerCt: me.headerCt,
                    columnLines: me.columnLines,
                    rowLines: me.rowLines,
                    navigationModel: 'grid',
                    features: me.features,
                    panel: me,
                    emptyText: me.emptyText || ''
                }, me.viewConfig);
    A useful one is 'panel', which can be used as direct reference to the containing panel
    in such eventlisteners that receive the view as parameter - without using up().

    All the ones not documented are
    • grid
    • variableRowHeight
    • headerCt
    • columnLines
    • rowLines
    • features
    • panel

    I think some of them aren't in active usage anymore and are remains from past versions.
    grid and panel seem to be the same as ownerGrid.

    Instances of tableview and treeview are set up under

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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