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Thread: Examples don't work in Firefox 52 + touchscreen

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-23846 in 5.1.5.
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    We experience the same issue. I submitted a support request and am still waiting for an answer.

    The fix atxmike posted above works well on desktops but breaks FF52 on mobile devices.

    I am hoping that this fix also resolves issues with Chromebooks that we have been trying to hunt down for a while now. Will report back once I get that override.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tvanzoelen View Post
    Can we get this override too, here in the forum? Seems a very critical bug which needs to be patched for all.

    Thank you!
    Ext.define('EXTJS_23846.Element', {
        override: 'Ext.dom.Element'
    }, function(Element) {
        var supports = Ext.supports,
            proto = Element.prototype,
            eventMap = proto.eventMap,
            additiveEvents = proto.additiveEvents;
        if ( && supports.TouchEvents && !supports.PointerEvents) {
            eventMap.touchstart = 'mousedown';
            eventMap.touchmove = 'mousemove';
            eventMap.touchend = 'mouseup';
            eventMap.touchcancel = 'mouseup';
            additiveEvents.mousedown = 'mousedown';
            additiveEvents.mousemove = 'mousemove';
            additiveEvents.mouseup = 'mouseup';
            additiveEvents.touchstart = 'touchstart';
            additiveEvents.touchmove = 'touchmove';
            additiveEvents.touchend = 'touchend';
            additiveEvents.touchcancel = 'touchcancel';
            additiveEvents.pointerdown = 'mousedown';
            additiveEvents.pointermove = 'mousemove';
            additiveEvents.pointerup = 'mouseup';
            additiveEvents.pointercancel = 'mouseup';
    Ext.define('EXTJS_23846.Gesture', {
        override: 'Ext.event.publisher.Gesture'
    }, function(Gesture) {
        var me = Gesture.instance;
        if (Ext.supports.TouchEvents && !Ext.isWebKit && {
            me.handledDomEvents.push('mousedown', 'mousemove', 'mouseup');

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    Has anyone run into issues with grid rendering/layout in FF52. Even with the overrides above, my app is running into a case where toolbars and grids don't perform layout correctly when the grid has 0 rows. I'm guessing it's specific to my app, but the issues go away when i go to firefox about:config and set dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled = 0.

    My guess so far is something in sencha is detecting touch enabled and maybe handling something slightly differently on focus or navigation.

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    Same here - production problem:
    Running Application is not responding when using mouse,
    Notebook with touch screen

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    This fix worked! Thanks. This bug is a show stopper. ExtJs does not work with FF52.

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    Default Worked for me

    God bless you atxmike; you saved my day.

    Quote Originally Posted by atxmike View Post
    This is not what i've received from sencha but here's what i'm using if that helps anyone... basically the whole event transation they do has caused me grief/headaches and frustration more than i care to count.
    I'm about ready to remove the if block completely and just always undo the event name translation for these events

    // Undo sencha's logic
    // Needed for top nav buttons to not open links in new tabs/windows when clicked in IE11 EXTJS-13775
    // Firefox 52 is getting deteceted now as ALWAYS having pointer events
    // chromeOS causing issues too
    // unit tests failing
    if (Ext.isIE || Ext.isEdge || (Ext.firefoxVersion >= 52) || || window.inUnitTest) {
    // sorry windows mobile phones...
    var eventMap = Ext.dom.Element.prototype.eventMap; = 'click';
    eventMap.dblclick = 'dblclick';

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    The solution that has been given through support works on the development build, but it fails to load Ext on a production build. Apparently there is no Element.prototype. Anyone encountered the same problem? I'm running ExtJS

    I worked around that with a simple if-statement, to check whether Element has prototype else stop executing this function.

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    Default Works in submenu items but not on other links

    The above solution works on submenu but does not work on other links.Any one faced similar situation and has a solution

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    Exclamation Maybe not fixed?


    In the latest version of FireFox the kitchen sink is broken still, or perhaps again. Is anyone tracking this? I'm afraid I'm about to loose my entire user base since we've instructed them for year to use FireFox and an internal update is bound to happen soon. Please advise on how to address this where I have little control over the browser or browser settings. ExtJS must work with default configurations.


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