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Thread: Independent Consultant Program - Buy Fewer Than 5 Licenses of Any Sencha Product

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    Default Independent Consultant Program - Buy Fewer Than 5 Licenses of Any Sencha Product

    Sencha has introduced a new program for independent consultants that enables them to buy fewer than five licenses of any Sencha product. To qualify for the program, development agencies must have fewer than five developers, fewer than 11 employees, less than 1M USD in annual revenue, and their primary business must be building applications for clients. To learn more, please see Independent Consultant Program for additional details.
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    I will spread the word!

    This is the kind of consideration solo and small shops expected!

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    This is good news, although I personally won't need such a thing, this should put an end to all the wailing and gnashing of teeth (I love that phrase, can't help using it whenever I can, LOL). Whenever I've strayed into thinking about doing things independently of work, I have thought that it would be nice to be able to use Ext JS affordably, so perhaps I'll now be able to daydream again and it won't be a waste of my time, because I do like Ext JS.

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    This is a great news! Community asked for a single licence and Sencha found a way to provide it. Respect!
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    Indeed good news, hope is not too late.
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    Great news!

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    Awesome !!!!

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    Fantastic - Late but fantastic

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    The good thing is: they move. The bad thing is: they jump too short.

    Actually the consultants now must sell an ExtJS license to each customer they develop for (if the ownership goes to the customer) ... compare that with the idea, that I must sell a VisualStudio Pro license to each customer I develop a program in c# for ... strange idea ... and the consultants have to buy their own license.

    Totally unclear is: does the customer has to renew the extjs license each year ? Who is doing this ? The customer, the consultant ?

    Our small company has only two licenses and we are stick with that - no upgrades possible - until we buy 5-seats licenses. Not practically at all.

    Again - the good thing is: they move - it took a long time. Now we wait two additional years until we are on the normal road again.

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    Thank you for your feedback. We do let customers with fewer than five licenses upgrade as long as they have a current maintenance and support agreement. You can contact us if you would like to get that process started.

    If the consultant transfers the license to the customer once the project is completed, then the customer would renew the license.


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