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Thread: Null-initiated bindings generate an error when they are destroyed

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Null-initiated bindings generate an error when they are destroyed


    1: Click on button "Create window"
    2: Close the window to destroy it
    3: See the error in console "TypeError: binding is undefined"

    The error is appear in the line No. 53541 of the ext-all-debug.js file.

    Something similar happen in this post:

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    Can you elaborate on the use case here? What is the need for including a bind to null?

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    Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

    It is not a necessity, it just happened. I was retrieving the binding value of a function that returns null if what is requested does not exist and during the initialization of the binding nothing happens, ext never said "hello there is a problem here, I can not create a binding from null", in fact null Is used to destroy a binding. I see the problem when ext-js allows you to create a binding with null value initially. I think the problem is not the fact of the need for a binding with null value, but the fact that a false binding is internally created or simply registered as undefined and no alert message is created to indicate that this can generate a problem , Which occurs when you try to destroy all bindings and undefined does not have .destroy () logically. I think you should throw an exception when this happens or just throw it away when its value is not allowed, what I do not think should happen is that an error occurs when trying to destroy a binding that from the beginning was not created, there is only one key with undefined value.

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