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Thread: new window from tab is aligned badly

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    Default Answered: new window from tab is aligned badly

    I have a tab panel with my tabs and I'd like to popup a window once the user click on a particular tab button.

    What i do is to create a new window and then show it.
    var win = Ext.create(Myapp.view.MyWindow);;
    Above is the code i call. I have two different behaviour. If a button inside the screen is executing such code, the window is created in the right position: in the center.
    If the code is called on a "activate" event of a tab, the window is created far under the page.

    what could i do to show the window in the center once "show" is called?

  2. Actually, after several tries, i found out a easy solution.

    after render the window, i simply call its method "center".
    and the window is centered.

    A trivial solution, still wondering why i have to do so. But it works.
    Thanks for the support.

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