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Thread: Text on a panel tools item

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    Default Text on a panel tools item


    Using 6.2 Modern Framework ...

    I'm trying to create a panel with a button + text header using tools property of the panel. Although I cannot see how to add text.

    So using panel / tools with something like;

    tools: [
    xtype: 'paneltool',
    docked: 'right',
    iconCls: 'x-fa fa-user'

    Gives this;


    Where as using a titlebar I can do;

    xtype: 'titlebar',
    docked: 'top',
    title: 'This Panel',
    titleAlign: 'left',
    items: [
    xtype: 'button',
    align: 'right',
    iconAlign: 'right',
    iconCls: 'x-fa fa-user',
    text: 'Profile'

    Gives this;


    Using titlebar seems like using an extra component to re-do what's already available as panel tools.

    So question is; how can I add text to the panel tools style button?



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    Looks like paneltool is specifically designed for a set of 25 predefined icons.
    There's no text property
    The docs say >> This class is used to display small visual icons in the header of a panel. There are a set of 25 icons that can be specified by using the type config.

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