Hello, I believe this is straightforward to understand if you check the code lines, so here we go:

On Ext.viewport.Default.onEdgeSwipeStart() (as well as the other similar methods) get the specific menu by the menu's side -number- from Ext.viewport.Default.sideForDirection(e.direction).

To the point it resolves the direction to the specific side value from sideMap, it is alright. The problem is that the menus are stored by the side representative names ('right', 'left', not 2, 8) so it never ever gets a menu even though it has been set. They are stored like that when using the Ext.viewport.Default.setMenu() function.

So, here are the relevant code locations:

- Ext.viewport.Default.onEdgeSwipeStart() trying to fetch the menu for the evented side
- Ext.viewport.Default.setMenu() storing the menu reference to the string representation of the menu position

So, I see basically 3 ways out of this matter:
- the edge swipe related (and maybe other) methods get the menu by its string representation -- e.direction, and possibly other affected functions by the 6.2.0+ changes
- the setMenu() method stores the menu with menu[sideValue] instead of menu[side] it currently uses and check up if anything refers to the menus to their string position representation.
- pragmatic, instead save the menu by both string and numeric representation of the menu (menu[sideValue]=menu[side]) so the rest of the code don't need to be double-checked for issues -- and imply problems to the end user if they need to change already existing menus, requiring them to make the change in both menu "alias" representation and/or having ExtJS handle the sync (okay, this is not a good solution at all)

I hope this is an acceptable format for the bug report. I believe this can be checked up with any existing menu example and swiping from the corresponding corner of the screen.

Oh, and for swipe to work at all, the suggestions on this thread must be applied too: Ext.Menu swipe does not work, even in kitchen sink. Basically invert the logic from !== to === on this line.