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Thread: TotalCount wrong in store

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    Default TotalCount wrong in store

    I have my code on a private network, so I can't really cross post it here, so I'll describe the situation and perhaps someone has an idea of where to look. I'm still new to Ext JS, and maybe I just don't know the right words to to a google search...

    I have a TabPanel, each 'card' uses the same Grid & Store. The first tab works fine -- it holds my data (22 records). I can page through it just fine, the counts are correct. I can open up a new tab to view another user's data (from the same DB table, so it is the same Grid and Store types, just with an extraParams to pass along the other user's info). The pagination for the second tab doesn't work right (as well as the "Displaying 1 - 20 of 22" message). The second tab should have 42 records available (3 pages), but it will only let me scroll through 2 pages (the count for the first tab). The "Displaying" info is also wrong -- it lists the 22 records for the first tab.

    I've checked in FireBug, and it is creating a new Grid and Store for each tab. The second Store has the "extraParams" filter, so it should be pulling a different set of records.

    Let me know if there's anything that I need to clarify. Or if there's a document somewhere that I could look over to get a better idea of how to do this (I inherited the problem, so I'm trying to learn the code *and* figure out this problem). Any help would be appreciated.


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    Running ExtJS 5.1.1, if that matters.

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    Hard to tell without a test-case. Do you have (or can you put together) a Fiddle demonstrating your scenario so I can take a look?


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