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Thread: Buffered renderer and grouping feature of grid cause scroll issues when used together

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    Default Buffered renderer and grouping feature of grid cause scroll issues when used together

    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 54.0.2840.71 m, 56.0.2924.87

    Buffered renderer and grouping feature of grid cause erratic scroll behavior when used together.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a grid with significant amount of data (enough for a dozen of buffered pages), make sure buffered renderer and grouping feature are enabled.
    2. Group records by any field.
    3. Scroll (with a mouse wheel) down a few screens.
    4. Start scrolling up.
    5. Notice the erratic behavior. Scroll position appears to jump forward one buffered page when reaching the upper border of a buffered page.

    This issue does not happen when scrolling is performed with a scrollbar instead of a mouse wheel.

    Live test case:|fiddle/1okh

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    I've run into the same issue.

    As mentioned by simplesmiler, the issue is apparent when using the mousewheel - you can also reproduce by clicking in the "scrollbar track" above the scrollbar as you would to page up.

    Are there any updates on the status of this bug - has it been accepted?



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    Same issue, grid with grouping feature over a medium-large amount of data (>100 rows) without buffering

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    Same issue here, too. On Chrome, both the grid and the scroll bar jump around and sometimes won't even let you scroll past a certain point when using the scroll wheel. It just keeps jumping back down constantly. But sometimes if you scroll the opposite direction and then back again it will let you past. It's very erratic. Using the mouse to drag the scroll bar still is very erratic at certain points, but will also let you get past those problem areas that the scroll wheel can't. Though dragging also causes random white space to show on the grid as you drag it up and down. Like the repaint is getting behind or something.

    Interestingly, on Firefox Quantum 57.0.4, the grid scrolling is much smoother in general, and also doesn't have quite the same issues. The scroll bar still jumps around erratically as you scroll with the wheel, but the grid itself seems to be smooth and not have any issues. The dragging is much smoother as well but still has the repaint issue sometimes when dragging quickly.

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