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Thread: Example of Multi Checkbox Grid Interacting with Form & Rest Service

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    Default Example of Multi Checkbox Grid Interacting with Form & Rest Service

    Hello, I have a multi-select grid that is populated with a rest proxy. I also have an event that pops up a form that I'd like to use to comment the record that was clicked on, or all the records that were selected with the multi-select checkboxes on the rows. I have 2 basic problems that I'm hoping someone can assist me with as I'm rather new at this

    1. How to properly bind the record clicked on from the grid into the form popup so that comments will save back through the store proxy
    2. How to save those comments back through the rest service if more than one record is selected in the multi-select grid

    Apologies again for the basic questions - am quite new at this.

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    1) -- For this are you meaning a single record or multiple? If multiple what does the form look like (i.e. can you only edit comments)?
    2) -- Somewhat depends on your form (i.e. a single textfield meant to update multiple). Likely a bind not overly easy here as it needs to update multiple record/values at once. You'll likely need to iterate through each selection (from underlying grid) and update appropriately.

    **For a simple single bind between grid -> form (two-way in this example) take a look at this:


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