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    Default Accessing the file system

    I have a screen on my app that downloads a file from the server. Is there currently functionality that would allow sencha test to access the file system to read the file and delete it when it is done? I also may need to test file uploads in the future so being able to access the file system through sencha test would be great. Is this possible or planned currently?

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    In WebDriver scenarios, your test code is actually running in an Electron child process, so you can simply use the Node.js API. Suppose you want to read a JSON file:

    var fs = require('fs'),
        people = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('/home/jvoorhees/people.json', 'utf8'));
    console.log(people); // hope I don't see my name here #badjokeeel
    For in-browser scenarios, you can easily serve a directory from the local filesystem via HTTP using Sencha Cmd. Then just request the files via HTTP:

    sencha web start
    Marcelo Bukowski de Farias

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