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Thread: Ext.Msg and Ext.MessageBox buttons and icon documentation

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    Default Ext.Msg and Ext.MessageBox buttons and icon documentation

    The documentation for Ext.Msg and Ext.MessageBox buttons and icon documentation does not include available static values that can be used. I couldn't find any description or usage examples of the statics defined by Ext.MessageBox anywhere.

    The statics are:
    PHP Code:
    OK    : {text'OK',     itemId'ok'},
    YES   : {text'Yes',    itemId'yes'},
    NO    : {text'No',     itemId'no'},
    CANCEL: {text'Cancel'itemId'cancel'},

    INFO    Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'msgbox-info',
    WARNING Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'msgbox-warning',
    QUESTIONExt.baseCSSPrefix 'msgbox-question',
    ERROR   Ext.baseCSSPrefix 'msgbox-error',

    text'OK',     itemId'ok'}
    text'No',     itemId'no'},
    text'Yes',    itemId'yes'}
    YESNO: [
    text'No',  itemId'no'},

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    They are listed in the Properties and a couple of them are used in the examples, but I will put in a suggestion to see if it possible to make the information more accessible.

    Kevin Jackson
    Sencha Support Team

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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