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Thread: Dynamic url Store

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    @saandrango: I know it's a very late answer and probably the code is not relevant anymore. I think the mistake is in the line:

    url =;
    It should have been imo:
    config.url = + "/some/other/path";
    Having said that, I don't think it was necessary to override processConfig for the proxy because the buildUrl of the ajax proxy class was overridden (I haven't tested but I assumed ssamayoa's answer was correct), so I think you only needed to assign the relative url in the proxy config and that was it.

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    I just started a thread related to this in the ExtJS forum before I stumbled on this one.

    I also use Architect and have a dev and prod environment. I use Process Config to set the url of proxies to point to either a dev or a prod server. However, I use the build environment to define a base url that ends in the Ext.manifest and it works well.

    I added the following to the app.json:

      "production": {
          "baseurl": ""
       "testing": {
          "baseurl": ""
       "development": {
          "baseurl": "/api"
    The "baseurl" ends up in the manifest as Ext.manifest.baseurl and I use it like this in any Process Config functions in Architect:

       processMyRestProxy: function(config) {
            config.url = Ext.manifest.baseurl+config.url;
            return config;
    However, one issue that I am having with this method is that not all classes in Architect have Process Config and the most notable is the data.model class where I can't do this for the model's proxy config. Hence my other thread to see what other people are doing.

    If Architect allowed the user to set the url config to something else than a string, one could enter directly Ext.manifest.baseurl+'/path/to/service' directly in the config pane. Maybe that could be an improvement to Architect.

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