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Thread: Form Field switching with Binding

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    Default Form Field switching with Binding

    I am attempting to cause a set of fields in a form to swap from display to a specific form field xtype to make it editable.
    So far I have looked at playing creating my custom form item by extending container and implementing the mixin "Ext.form.field.Field". It would contain two field below it that are referenced as viewField and editField.

    Is there a good way to insure that the binding from the ViewModel only affects one at a time? Or am I better off just letting both be changed simultaneously?
    Does anyone have a better way of doing this?

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    Depending on the circumstances, it would probably make the most since to have both of them bound to the VM data so when it is updated, both fields are the same. Otherwise, that's something you'd have to implement yourself to keep them synced up.
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