I am taking on a project that was created years ago by people that are no longer working at the company. Note: I am new to the Sencha world.

I am having trouble getting my code to preview properly. On the production/live app online, a loading screen appears for a few seconds and then disappears, revealing the working/functioning app. However, when I go to preview my code locally with XAMPP/Apache web server, the loading screen won’t go away.

I'm not getting any errors in my console or browser logs, but I notice that the data stores seem to not be pulling in data. I am using a Chrome browser plugin to "debug" and look at the Sencha framework. When I use that to look at the live/production site that's running, I see a few different stores that have records. When I look at my (same) code that's running locally, those same stores have 0 records.

The code was originally written with ExtJS 4.0.7 and Sencha Architect 2.2.3, and I’m told that if we “upgrade” the code to the latest version, it will break.

Can anyone help me "connect" the data stores?

Thank you!